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12CUCI Review

12CUCI Casino is a very fun and interesting gaming platform. You can get a great experience here. It is also a good app to generate some extra cash from home. Many people use this site and it is legit and safe from harmful viruses. This app has garnered a huge audience quickly, and this was all possible thanks to its features. Withdrawing and transaction of funds is easy and many options are also available to users so they can safely withdraw their winnings.

There are options for bonuses and promotions for users. When a new member is invited, users can get a bonus for that. The welcome bonus is also available and a daily bonus is also given to players regularly. The app provides a variety of options to withdraw and transact your wins to your accounts. You can also try the most popular and similar gaming app Bet Big City. Here you will find the top variety of games that will offer real cash in every reel.

Overall this app is legit to use and making an account is very easy. Withdrawing the money from the platform can be a little bit complicated because it takes some days and you need to have proof to show the customer support team. Some of the options available to users are Visa Cards, Debit cards, Master Cards, Duitnow, Touchngo, Boost Pay, Grab Pay, and Shop eBay. There is a minimum limit to withdrawing your winning funds to your accounts.


What is 12CUCI?

All those people who think that they can earn money using their gaming skills can now do so with 12CUCI. This app is just like any other gaming application that comes with a variety of features. It is a great platform not just to have a fun time but to make some cash. Users can get to play a variety of games like slots, sports, arcades, and live matches as well.

Not only this, users can also get bonuses and promotions. When they first start using the site they can get a welcome bonus of 100%. Users can also get a bonus when they invite a new member. Not just bonuses but special promotions and rewards are available for users. You can easily make an account on it by simply signing up with some necessary details.

It provides the option of live chats where users can ask any questions they have and they can also chat with other players as well. When it comes to graphics for the game, the app has top-notch graphics. The sound,  the vibrant display, and the stunning visuals are the talk of the town. The app is very easy to handle and you can easily download it from any website.

Features of 12CUCi

Following are some of the prominent features of this app.

Variety of Games

You will enjoy a great variety of games to play. They include slot games, live games, sports games, arcades, and many more are added to this platform to provide unlimited fun.

Bonus and Promotions

Players will get various bonuses and promotions. Like you can get a 20% daily bonus and a welcome bonus of 100%. Also, some cashback rewards and regular depositing gifts are here to collect.

Live Chats

There is an option for a live chat where users can get assistance regarding any issue they face. There are other options like how to register, and how to withdraw and if you have forgotten your password you can get help through the life chat option.

Smooth Graphics

Well, the graphics of this application like any other casino game are vibrant and the sound and display are just too notch.

Is 12CUCI Safe to Use?

The app is safe and secure to use. It is a trusted gaming site used by many people around the globe. There are no scams and it tries its best to provide top-notch services to its users without any hurdles. No complaints regarding its fraudulent activity have been reported. You can rest assured and enjoy your games on the application.

How to Download 12CUCi?

Downloading the app is a very easy task. You need to go to the browser and search for the official website.  Once you have found the site, click on the download option to download the application. All you need to keep in mind is to download the application from a trusted website to keep your device safe.

How to Register on 12CUCI?

Registering an account on the app is very simple. All you need to do is open the app and fill out the basic necessary information which includes your name, phone number, password for the account, and optional code referral. All filling in the above-mentioned details, click on the register option to make an account.

How to Deposit Funds?

Depositing money in 12CUCI has been made easy by offering an auto e-wallet option. It is mentioned on the website of the app that you can use a variety of ways to deposit the cash in your account. Some of the options available to users include Visa Card, Debit Card, Master Card, Dust Now, Touchngo, BoostPay, Grabpay, and Shopeepay. With the E wallet deposit users do not need to scan any QR codes. The minimum deposit amount is 1.0 RM. RM is the currency of Malaysia.

How to Withdraw Money From 12CUCI?

Withdrawing money is quite similar to how you deposit your money. The withdrawal options are the same as the deposit options. Once you have reached the minimum withdrawal limit you can withdraw your money from your account. You can use any one of the methods mentioned above to withdraw your winnings.

You need to click the withdrawal option and fill out the form to get your cash in your selected bank.  If you have any issues then you can also contact the customer support team to get assistance. Overall, withdrawing your money works the same way as you deposit it. The minimum withdrawal amount in the app is 25 RM.


12CUCI is a widely used application with some good features. The app can be easily downloaded from any website and it is simple to use. You can easily navigate through and if you have any questions or concerns you can easily reach out to the team through the live chat option. One thing to be kept in mind is to download the app from an authentic website. The platform has some interesting features like a variety of games and you can easily get used to them and within a few steps, you can start earning money.

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